Carey is a fitness lover and her primary addiction is Pilates!  Originally she is from outside Chicago but lived for more than half her life in sunny southern California before moving to Arlington, VA about 5 years ago.

She loves Pilates!!!!  And has been practicing Pilates for about 15 years.  While her comprehensive Pilates training was very contemporary, she has trained and worked with many classical and traditional Pilates teachers.  She loves to incorporate this variation into her Pilates classes.  Carey prides herself in continuing her Pilates education and you will often find her traveling throughout the U.S. learning from some of the best Pilates gurus around.  Just ask her – she is glad to share her Pilates nerdiness with anyone who will listen!

Her goal for her clients is to find their challenge point and work just beyond it to improve their Pilates practice and overall health and fitness level.  She has a supportive, yet challenging style that is a good fit for all clients – beginner to advanced or those with injuries to super-fit!  She prides herself in providing a challenging and well-rounded class while keeping it fun and playful.  She loves to teach on request – so bring in your requests for targeting specific body parts or specific exercises.