Our Offerings

Praxi Pilates offers private and group Pilates classes. We also offer three types of Pilates instruction: Reformer, Mat, and Circuit.

  • Reformer classes use the Pilates reformer exclusively and are limited to 7 people per class.
  • Mat Pilates classes are exclusively mat-based but may use a number of props such as the magic circle, balls, hand weights, or resistance bands, and are limited to 12 people per class.
  • Circuit classes use many of the traditional Pilates equipment such as the reformer, chair, trapeze table (or cadillac), but also incorporate contemporary fitness equipment such as TRX, stability balls, Bosu, or orbits.  These classes are limited to 10 people per class.

All classes are 50 minutes long but we also offer several 90-minute circuit classes each week.

One dollar = one point

Mat Class: 22 points
Circuit Class: 40 points
Reformer Class: 40 points
90-min Circuit Class: 60 points

Auto-pay Monthly Membership:

  • $200 auto-billed monthly applies 230 points to your account (that’s a 15% bonus!)
  • 30-day cancellation period
  • 15% discount on classes (including any over the $200 auto-pay amount)

Buy $300 and receive 330 points in your account that expire 120 days after purchase.

Current prices and policies are subject to change at any time.  All changes will be noted on the website, and price changes will not affect current, valid classes.  We accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard; sorry we do not accept AMEX or Discover. Please note, all purchases are final; we do not provide refunds.

Classes have an 8-hour cancellation policy and Appointments have a 12-hour cancellation policy. When you cancel before the late-cancel window, your class credit will be returned to your account. If you do not cancel before the early cancellation window, you will forfeit your class or appointment credit.

If you are prompted to sign up on the waitlist for a particular class, we recommend signing up because the odds of making it into a class from the waitlist are generally good. If a class is full, sign up anyway and you’ll be added to the waitlist. If a spot in class opens up within the early cancellation window, you’ll automatically be added to class and notified via e-mail and/or text (depending on the preference you set in your account profile). If you do not remove yourself from the waitlist online, you’ll be added to the class, so if you are unable to attend please remove yourself from the waitlist so someone else can join. We assume you want to take EVERY class you are waitlisted for.  You will not be added to classes within the late cancellation window if you are on the waitlist; you must add yourself manually.

4141 N Henderson Rd. Plaza Suite 5, Arlington VA